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REACTION TO FIRE : Polyurethane is a material that hard to inflame. It continues to be burned with the fire source's contacting continuously.  When the fire source is removed, then the burning stops. DMX polyurethane decorative elements for facade systems are classified as class E according to EN 13501-1 fire classification report.DMX polyurethane decorative elements are also tested according to EN 11925-2 test which describe the reaction of DMX products to direct impingement of flame.  

COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH :DMX polyurethane decorative elements have compressive strength of 1752 kpa=17520 kg/strength/m2 at 10% deformation. The test is carried out according to EN 826 which used to determine the compressive stress in compressive creep tests and for applications in which insulating products are only exposed to short term loads.

TENSILE STRENGTH: DMX polyurethane decorative elements have tensile strength of 959 kpa=9590 kg/strength/m2 perpendicular to faces. The test is carried out according to EN 1607.